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My name is Harmony. I am a polyamorous, bio-sexual, switch. In other words I have the capacity to love and care about and spend times with many people in many different ways. I will never commit to monogamy because I cannot and will not guarantee only to love one person at a time. I don't like the labels of primary and secondary. Suffice it to say that there I have the capacity for different types and, for want of a better word, levels of relationships in my life.

I am a searcher, a learner, a peacemaker, a mother, a teacher, a carer, a lover, a dominant, a submissive, a sadist, a masochist, an artist, a poet, all of these things I am but none is me, I am the sum of the parts and then that something extra that is spirit.

I will continue to search, and learn, and put my neck on the line when I believe it is necessary. I will continue to do that which I believe is right, and quietly but firmly state my opinions no matter how unpopular that may make me at times. I will keep on attempting to be the changes I wish to see in the world. Peace is contagious let it begin with me. However I will do that which is necessary to protect me and mine my desire for peace should not be mistaken for weakness.

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50's/60's, bdsm, bowie, celtic magic, crafting, druidry, family, fetish, from the cauldron born, gaming, journeys into spirit, labryinth, meatloaf, middle of the road, pain, singing, the princess bride
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